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Title: Lotus Characters: Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun (+ appearances… 
28th-Feb-2011 06:23 pm
Title: Lotus

Characters: Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun (+ appearances from Jinki and Kibum)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: three men completely caught up in a triangle. During Thailand promotions, they try to sort themselves out but the more they try, the more complicated it seems to get.

It was the Sun that woke him up. He flicked his eyes open, a bit confused at the scenery unfolding in front of him, trees, many trees and the shimmer of the waves beyond them, seen every now and then through gaps between the branches. The sunset was burning his eyes so he looked away. Were they in Phuket already?
Onew was reading a magazine, Kibum was listening to music on his Ipod, Jonghyun and Taemin seemed to be asleep. He remembered Jong talking with their manager earlier as he took the passenger’s seat and Minho fell asleep to the sound of their voices. That had been hours ago, somewhere in between the Bangkok live and the interview for a show in Pattaya.
Phuket was the place everyone had been looking forward to ever since they came to Thailand for the past two weeks. They were allowed two day's rest before they took their flight to Singapore for a fan meet then they could finally go back home where they had to go directly in the studio to start working on the new single. But that was still a few days away and everyone was planning to enjoy themselves in these two days. As much as one could enjoy himself being around Jonghyun. Minho looked at him, his head on his jacket, leaned on the edge of the open window, deep in sleep. He did his best to avoid Jonghyun for the entire day. He had covered the bruise on his jawline with BB Cream before exiting the hotel but you could see a bump if you looked carefully. Minho's knuckles were slightly bruised too, and it hurt him to open and close his fingers.

Taemin woke up a few moments later, stretching his legs and arms best as he could so he won’t bother the others and his eye lashes, still heavy with sleep, flickered a few times over squinty eyes as he was getting used with the burning red sunset showing on the other side of the trees. He turned to their manager who was driving, completely focusing on the road, and wanted to speak up but then he noticed Jonghyun was still sleeping. He got on his knees in his seat, leaned over, and spoke in a low voice:
“Where are we?”
“Hm? Oh, you finally woke up. We just crossed over to Phuket. It’s really nice, isn’t it?” their manager said, clearly looking forward to the two days of rest as much as they did.
“Ihm.” Taemin nodded and crossed his arms on the two front seats and glanced over at Jonghyun who did not seem bothered by the movement of the car or the radio.
Minho was bothered by that gesture. Not as much as Taemin’s efforts not to bother the other man but the way he was looking at him in that moment, the deep red sunlight lighting up his face and his eyes in an expression of warmth. He felt a surge of jealousy rising up in his chest because he considered those types of glances something only he was entitled to. Minho almost pulled Taemin back, he probably would have done it if Onew and Kibum would not have been watching but if there was anything he had to hide, were the gestures of both jealousy and affection so he just crossed his arms and glanced out the window.
He wondered if Jong kissing him that morning had really been something he wanted to do or if he was just that much of a bastard that he did not care in whose bed he ended up. It was not something Minho could handle.
He looked back at Taemin who had his chin on his arms, looking around him at the scenery that was unfolding on either side of the road, his cheeks still red from the sun beating down through the window on his sleeping face for hours. He knew he was being watched so he slightly turned his head over his shoulder to look over at Minho and gave him a ghost of a smile, so warm and gentle Minho could only smile back at him. He could not handle anything more, the thought of touching or holding someone else as far as he was concerned because it would have felt like cheating and because, though this was something he had never told Taemin, he loved him.

* * * * *

“Are you serious? Are you serious?” If anyone, Kibum was not the one to contain his joy at the sight of the bungalows. They were all expecting another stuffy hotel but when they stepped on the Ao Sane beach and their manager pointed in the direction of the bungalows, they all exploded with a yell of joy that was immediately followed by a take-no-prisoners attack on their manager. He said they all worked hard and they deserved it and Kbum was the first to agree with that.
Taemin was overjoyed, wide-eyed and energetic, he ran across the beach to inspect what were to be their rooms for the next two days. Onew jumped on the sofa on the porch of the first one and said he is not going to move from there until they have to leave on Monday. He eventually did because there was only so much lazing around you could do when you had a Muay Thai match happening that night close to the city market and a whole bunch of souvenirs to buy, which found them where they were right now, in the middle of a crowd of the small city, everyone oblivious to who they were, the vendors with their food stalls calling out at every passer by to have a taste.

In spite of the heat that barely died down after night fall, the streets were packed and everything was wrapped in lights, some electric, others just shimmers from the torches lit up close to the Muay Thai ring. Minho had been looking forward to catching a glimpse or two of the fighters, in spite of how everyone was rushing him in different directions. He stopped next to Kibum as he bought some food from a street vendor and took a few bites while Minho was getting on his toes to see how the fights were going. Maybe it was his sports background at fault for this but he had always enjoyed watching movement, in all its forms, though he preferred the athletic movement above everything else, he was not oblivious to the subtle, graceful movements, especially in the gestures most people don’t even notice. He always did though, he was the type of person never to underestimate the power of a gesture, and in time, he learned that he was not one to underestimate how much some gestures people did carelessly affected him. Maybe it was childish, but he put great value on them and maybe he should not have because they bruised him so easily.
On the other hand, maybe he was weak?
He did not like that thought.
However, Taemin was still oblivious apparently, to what he was doing in that moment. The way he slithered between him and Kibum and got on his toes to see what was so interesting about a Muay Thai fight that had caught Minho’s interest. The way Minho crossed his arms and how Taemin’s fingers took a hold of his upper arm as he did so. The younger boy did not know what these touches did to him at times and the importance he placed on these gestures of affection. As much as Taemin was weary of doing them when he knew there were cameras around, as much he did them when there were not any. Minho didn’t know why and he never asked so he was always the one who initiated the touches even when the cameras were rolling but Taemin rarely responded and he was upset for a while but as soon as they yelled ‘that’s a wrap!’ Taemin made it up to him.
The fingers squeezed his arm tighter and tighter and when Minho looked down at him to see what’s wrong he realized Taemin was so taken with watching the fight he didn’t realize he was doing it. He let a bit of a smile creep over his lips as he turned his attention to the ring too. Just then, Jonghyun stepped into his range of vision, munching down on something as he walked towards them with Jinki. His eyes insisted on Minho and Minho in return frowned at him then looked away, completely ignoring him.

* * * * *

“Stand still for once!” Taemin raised his voice at him. Jonghyun was in the bathtub while he was sitting on the edge in his shorts, his legs in the water, attempting to wash off the shampoo from his hair, which was not an easy task since whenever Jong talked, he had to make elaborate hand gestures and move his head around. Him and Jinki decided to have a wrestling match in the sand for some odd reason earlier that evening and he had so much sand in his hair by the end of it to create another beach.
They had very subtle ways of staying with each other in separate rooms while they were touring around, the most common being doing something together like playing cards or video games until everyone else went to sleep in other rooms and let them be. This time it had been a bit more complicated with the bungalows until Taemin asked Jong to come help him with something in one of them and they did not come back. By the time everyone went to sleep, they pretended to still be busy playing a board game so Minho was stuck with Kibum who kept him occupied for most of the night anyway, given how excited he was being in such a beautiful place and the last Jonghyun had seen of them they were walking down the beach along the torches lit up on the shore, their flip flops in their hands and their feet through the water.
Jong put his arms around Taemin’s thighs as he decided to try and stand still for a few moments while Taemin washed off the last of the shampoo and ran his fingers through his wet hair, so he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, enjoying those touches.
“What happened between you and Minho?” Taemin broke the silence.
“What do you mean?” he asked and Taemin’s fingers stopped touching his hair so he opened his eyes and saw Taemin’s face towering above him, a look of annoyance crossing it.
“I am not as much of a fool as everyone takes me for. You should know that, just like the others. You all know better than to mistake my stage persona with who I really am so stop assuming I am blind in addition to that. Actually, I am quite surprised no one else noticed the way Minho’s been avoiding you.”
“I’m not taking you for a fool and I think we both know why Minho stopped liking me since…how long has it been already, almost a year?”
“He’s never purposely avoided even looking at you the way he started doing in the past four days though. Not to break your bubble Jong, but I know him better than you do.” Taemin said and his fingers slipped from his hair to his face, loosely cupping it as he pulled Jonghyun’s chin up so he would look him in the eye. “And I know it has something to do with you.”
Jong let out a dry laugh and lightly squeezed the boy’s thighs.
“Why do you always put the blame on me?”
“Because I am usually right. Do I have to remind you that you were the one who kissed me first too?” he cocked his eyebrow, a rather cliché gesture but at least Jong could tell that if he continued like this, Taemin’s bad mood about Minho would be gone, so he’d rather play that card.
“You were asking for it.”
“I was on the bed and you were pretending to help me with the laptop, there’s really nothing sexual in that.”
“I know a flirt when I see one.”
“I wasn’t flirting with you, you’re the one who was, there’s only so much resisting one can do.”
“As far as my memory goes, you didn’t resist me much.”
“You’re a jerk.” Taemin pulled at his hair and Jong attempted to pull him in the bathtub as vengeance because when Taemin pulled at your hair, he was never playful, it made Jong think sometimes that the boy had a sadistic streak in him for deriving so much pleasure from inflicting pain. He’d never seen him be like that with anyone else though so he could only safely assume it was something reserved for him only.
Taemin did not give into him though and pulled harder.
“I am gonna rip it all off if you don’t behave yourself!” he yelled in between splashes of water and his body almost slipping from the edge of the wet bathtub but Jong took a hold of his legs and held him in place.
“I almost saved your life right now, I deserve something for that.” he said and tilted his head back to look at him.
“The only thing you deserve is…” he did not get to finish that because Jong’s hand went behind his head and he pulled him in that awkward, backwards kiss. A sloppy mess really, but such a Jong thing to do. For some reason his lips still tasted like salt even if he threw Jinki in the water over three hours ago. He kissed him until the taste disappeared then pulled back, licking his lips.
“The water’s cold. It’s my turn.”
“You can always join me.”
“I can never just join you, I don’t remember the last time I ‘joined’ you and actually had a proper bath or shower, so get out!”
“You’re such an aggressive little thing at times…” Jong muttered as he got up from the bathtub, wrapped a towel around his waist, and put another on his head “Is it only with me?”
Taemin laughed and leaned his arms on the edge of the bathtub and dangled his feet in the lukewarm water.
“Only with you.”
Jonghyun nodded his head.
“I have to accept my fate then.” he said with an expression of fake helplessness as he walked out, rubbing his hair.
“I still want to know.” Taemin stopped him and Jong turned around himself in the doorway.
“Know what?”
“What’s happening between you and Minho.”
“Nothing. I mean, aside from the obvious.”
“It’s not that. When he gets jealous at you, he is usually more possessive with me but that is not the case now. I’d know, trust me.” he paused and played with his feet in the water for a moment before turning his head to Jong again with an expression of quiet realization and said something Jong didn’t think Taemin just realized now but it was something that looked to him like the boy had considered for a longer time.
“Is it that you want him too?”
The words cut through the stillness of the night, not sharply. Maybe not cut either. More fell like a hammer, the ripples the hit caused taking some time to reach Jong as he stood there, considering his answer to that. He was one to react on impulse but he did not know if his answer right now would be the right thing because he did not want to lose Taemin. Yet when he kissed Minho, it did not occur to him that might mean losing the younger one, until now.
“You’re scared to answer me.” Taemin said and pulled his legs out of the bathtub and walked across the room towards him, his feet leaving clear wet traces on the floor.
“I’m not scared.” Jong replied with a tinge of annoyance and Taemin immediately reconsidered that word because he knew how proud Jonghyun was and how such emotions should not even be considered to be said out loud in relation to him, even if they were true.
“Reluctant, I meant, not scared.” he corrected himself and stopped in front of him. He took the towel in his hands and rubbed Jong’s hair “It would be quite a relief I guess…” he muttered, more to himself as Jong was looking at him with a slightly confused look and Taemin cupped his face with the edge of the towel and looked in his eyes “I saw him looking at you, you know. When he thinks no one is watching. And you are not afraid of looking at him even when everyone is watching. Well…” he let go of his face “…maybe I give too much importance to some things and gestures but actually I’m rarely wrong and I don’t think I am wrong now. Minho will never tell me unless I find a way to force it out of him, which I haven’t yet but I’m counting on you to have a clearer mind and be honest.”
Taemin was looking at him with such a helpless look on his face Jonghyun could not refuse telling him what he wanted to know. It was not a hurt look; it was the look one has when he just really wants to know the truth so he can sleep better at night.
“Yes.” he absently nodded “You’re right. At least as far as I’m concerned.” He paused, having one of his rare moments when he actually weighted his words before speaking them “It doesn’t mean I want to let go of you though. Not in the slightest.”
That brought a smile on Taemin’s face and he put his arms around him, kissing his chest then his shoulder.
“As far as I‘m concerned, you can have us both.” he looked in his eyes “It would be only fair, wouldn’t it?”
Jonghyun looked away and smirked a little, a low laugh dying away between his lips.
“What?” Taemin asked.
“Look what we got ourselves into…it’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?”
“Crazy and beautiful. And I think if we’d try a little harder, we can make it even better.”
“When you say stuff like these it makes me think you always have a plan.” he put his arms around the boy’s waist.
“I don’t” Taemin laughed, “That’s the fun of it. But I like to believe we have what it takes to make it work.”
“You sound like some character in a drama.”
“Those helpless day dreamer idiots in those dramas always get their happy ending though, don’t they?”
“Your cheeks are red; I could kiss you right now.”
“Don’t and go away, I want to have my bath in peace.” Taemin said and tried to push him away but before he could manage to, he still got to feel Jonghyun’s teeth on his cheek until he finally managed to shove him out the door with a laugh.

This was probably the most beautiful place on earth and it felt good to be here and to feel his shoulders so light, now that at least one of the weights had been lifted. He crossed his arms and leaned in the windowsill, watching the moon and the stars lighting up the sea. You could barely hear a sound aside from the waves crashing on the shore, a sound that became monotonous after a while, rhythmic and which you took for granted just like you took the sound of the traffic in a big city. He did not turn on the lights because he could see clearly. He did not think the Moon could give so much light and for a few moments he had the strange impression he was stuck in a different place, dream-like, because everything seemed so surreal. He was not the one to be dreaming away, if anything, Jonghyun was the most grounded person in their group but not even he could be indifferent to the beauty of the place they found themselves at.
A light went on then off and he turned to see Taemin walking out of the bathroom, wearing nothing at all, his fingers still on the light switch for a few moments, then they slipped away as he walked towards him. The boy wrapped his arms around him and kissed the other man slowly, tasting every inch of his lips. Jong could feel the wet tips of his hair on his neck and occasionally touching his face and skin. They smelled sweet, like flowers, something like vanilla but he could not tell for sure. He wrapped his arms around Taemin, pulling him closer, feeling the drips of water on Taemin’s body and his chest rising up and down. He was holding him so close he could feel his heart beating fast and he found it funny because they had been together many times before for the past year but Taemin’s heart still beat like it was the first time even if nothing about his manner showed that he had ever been nervous in any way.
It was strange, the switch that happened in Taemin between the person he was on stage and how direct and shameless he was when it was just the two of them. He wondered often if he was like this with Minho too.
Taemin used his body to turn the other man around and make him walk backwards towards the bed. When they got there, he shoved him on it and got on top of him, kissing his jaw line, then his neck, down his chest, his long hair trailing down across his skin, a sensation that gave Jong shivers. The boy pulled off the other man's pajama pants in one swift motion, throwing them carelessly on the floor before he jumped back on the bed. Jong felt his lips and tongue around his length, and he moaned a little at the unexpected sensation. His fingers buried themselves in Taemin’s hair.

Kibum had gone to bed almost an hour ago. Minho though could not sleep, or maybe he just did not want to. He felt his body tired but there was so much he had to take in that he wanted some time to put everything in order.
Even the air was hot. After Kibum left, he continued walking past the torches lit up on the shore, a shadow completely clad in black, shorts and a shirt, his hair tied loosely behind his head, the shorter bangs getting in his eyes as the breeze blew in rhythm with the small waves. He could see his distorted shadow dancing on the sand, by the torch lights.
He looked towards the bungalow where Taemin and Jonghyun were. It was dark, as most of the bungalows on the beach but he could see Jinki was still awake. Last time he saw him, he was playing cards with their manager with a few bottles of alcohol at their sides, so he could imagine what was going on in there. He fleetingly wondered if he should join them because he did not feel like going to bed. He checked his watch. Apparently, it was 1:23.
Absently, his steps carried him towards Jong and Taemin’s bungalow. He did not realize it until he got there and walked up the first step, the wood creaking under his weight and while he wondered whether to turn away or not, he continued taking one step after another, driven by some strange, almost masochistic sort of curiosity he could not explain. The windows and the door were open, only covered by thin pieces of fabric that resembled silk to the touch. He stood in the door way for a moment, hearing Taemin’s voice distinctively above the sound of the waves, his fast breathing, occasionally mixed with Jong’s and the sound of their voices mixing together like that sent a knife right through his chest. Yet he still didn’t leave. As if some invisible force was keeping him there, unwilling to let him go or even allow him to look away and he didn’t even realize it when he pulled the fabric hanging in the doorway to the side and he stepped inside.

He could see in the room rather clearly, the moon and some of the torches threw enough light through the room and the first thing he saw was Taemin’s back, his light brown hair shimmering over his shoulders and in between his shoulder blades as he tilted his head backwards, letting out a moan he didn’t bother to contain. He saw him move up and down and Jong’s fingers going up his thighs to his lower back. He wanted to leave, something inside him said he’d better just leave as silently as he came but he couldn’t take his eyes off what he was seeing.
A gasp escaped his lips and Taemin turned his head and looked at him over his shoulder, his lips parted, a hazy look in his eyes. He seemed surprised but only for a moment, as he slowed down the movement of his hips and bit at his lower lip as he leaned over Jong, his hands going up from his hips to his chest and he whispered something in his ear, Minho couldn’t hear what but Jonghyun got up, leaning in his elbows with Taemin’s arms around his neck and looked at Minho. The man was frozen in his place, unable to move, wanting to but not really, wanting to say something but not knowing what. Taemin noticed he was not looking at him as he had a few moments before, there was a silent war going on between Minho and Jong the boy knew he had no control over. He knew that whatever was going to happen now was pivotal to the future of whatever they had together. He continued looking at Minho over his shoulder and Jong, unlike himself, did not seem to want to say anything either. In the end, it was still him the one who broke the silence.
“I think you should stay.” was all he said before he turned to Jong and kissed his jaw line,that bump on his jawline Jonghyun would not tell him where he got it from, then with his hand on his face, he turned the man to him and kissed his lips. He closed his eyes as he did so while Jong’s were still open, looking at Minho who was poker faced, his expression deepened by the shadows. He could not tell what he was thinking but he saw him clenching his fist and if he could read something on his face, it was indecision.
He started to walk with small, unsure steps to the wooden chair decorated with colorful pillows in the corner of the room and sat down slowly without taking his eyes off them, swallowing dryly. His body was tense from head to toe and he leaned his chin in his hand, his fingers slightly covering his mouth, his eyes focused and his face not betraying anything of what he was thinking. Taemin slowly pushed Jong back on the bed as he slowly resumed his up and down movement, looking at Minho as he did so and running a hand through his hair before he closed his eyes again.

Minho saw sweat glistening over Taemin’s body, small droplets sliding down his spine. Why was he still here, watching this? He didn’t know what possessed him but he could not move and he could not look away.
He could not look away from the contrast between the bodies of the two, Taemin’s lean figure on top of Jonghyun’s stronger-looking frame, his muscles tense as his fingers were squeezing Taemin’s thighs, the shadow play across their bodies enhancing everything he was seeing. It bothered him, the way someone else’s body was reacting to Taemin’s and it bothered him, the way Taemin responded to Jonghyun. He shifted uncomfortably in the chair.
This was Taemin but it was not his Taemin. He did not remember ever seeing him like this before, his hair a mess, something almost aggressive about him, in the way he clawed his fingers over Jonghyun’s chest and the way he was controlling the rhythm of their bodies, moving up and down faster and faster then slower, his head bending to one side then tilting down, his hair in his face one moment just to bend it back the next in an expression of rapture. Minho had witnessed Taemin’s reactions intimately many times before but he had never seen him like this before, something wild, something dirty about him in the way he seemed to control the sexual act he was watching. His eyes followed Jonghyun’s arms, how they made no attempt to control the other boy’s movements on top of him though at the same time, it did not look like either of them was dominating the other.
The more he was watching them, hearing their broken down breaths, feeling their sweat as if dripping down his own skin, the more he started to understand, one thing after the other and they flooded him, wave after wave, without even giving him the chance to swim up to the surface and breathe some air.

The waves of jealousy were overcome by the ones that built up his feelings and the more he watched, almost without blinking, the more everything rose to the surface of those murky, dark waters and it was blooming into the light like a Lotus flower does, opening up each petal to reveal its core and it dawned on Minho that he felt jealous because both the people he wanted, also wanted each other and he didn’t realize until that moment that both the other two who wanted each other also wanted him and he found it strange that what made him realize that fact was seeing them together as they were in that moment, under his eyes, their bodies as closely locked together as two bodies can be.
It’s rare to find two people who ‘get’ each other. It’s even harder to find three who do. In spite of their differences, the three of them, until recently, always had. The gentleness Jonghyun’s touches lacked, Taemin had them and the challenges Taemin just laughed at and let them pass, Jonghyun never gave up on having a shot at. These were mental notes he took on the two through different periods in time yet none of them fell together to piece up the puzzle as they did now, one thing making more sense when related to the other.
Taemin’s moans grew louder and louder, his hair sticking to his face and neck as he went faster and faster and the man under him wasn’t holding back his voice either. Minho knew anyone with any morals or self-control should not be there and should not be watching but he could not look away, he was fascinated by their movements, their bodies, one, which he knew in detail, and the other, which he wanted to discover.
Taemin came with a loud moan and his fingers clenched in fists over Jonghyun’s chest as he squeezed his eyes shut and he stopped moving for a moment, enjoying the sensation that went through his entire body then continued until the other man reached his climax and when he finally felt him come inside him, he exhaled loudly as he slowly unclenched his fists and collapsed on Jong’s chest, exhausted, crushing the pearly liquid he let out a moment earlier between their stomachs.
Then, for a few minutes, there was nothing but silence. Silence and the waves crushing on the sand. Silence and deep breaths that slowly calmed down. Taemin opened his eyes and saw Minho’s dark silhouette in exactly the same position as before, his fingers moved from Jong’s chest to the edge of the bed, and he signaled Minho to come over. He didn’t, he only moved his hand so that his fingers didn’t cover his lips anymore and he swallowed, finding that his throat was dry. Taemin insisted and if there ever was someone Minho could not say no to, it was him. It took him a while to get up though and it took him even longer to close the distance between him and the bed, his steps slow and unsure and he discovered he was slightly out of breath as he got up.

Taemin pulled himself up again and as Minho reached the bed, he put his hand through his hair and pulled him down, kissing him lazily. Taemin’s lips were red and swollen, obvious evidence he had been kissing a lot before he walked in and Minho felt like he could taste both Taemin and Jong on his lips. The boy looked him in the eye as their lips parted and he gave him a smile, warm and loving, the ones he always used to give him when it was just the two of them.
Jonghyun watched that exchange of glances, he watched that kiss and, just like Minho a few moments before, he could not take his eyes away from the two of them until Taemin got off from on top of him.
“I’ll go have a shower for a bit.” he said, to either of them in particular and as he got off the bed, he ran his hand through Jong’s messy, wet hair in a rough and playful manner and walked towards the bathroom naked, his steps barely making any sound.
When the door closed, Jonghyun got up in a sitting position in the middle of the bed, wiping off his stomach with the sheet while Minho had his back at him and he was apparently looking out the window. He really was not, he just wanted to avoid looking at the other man. Jong ignored him until he managed to find his pajama pants on the floor and pulled them on, listening to the sound of the shower, then he got back on the bed on his knees, behind Minho. What the hell was he supposed to say though? Had they even tried to achieve anything with this? He followed Taemin’s flow because somehow Taemin knew what Minho was thinking better than Jong ever did, or at least that’s how it seemed.
His hands rose up above Minho’s shoulders and remained suspended in the air for a while, undecided. Minho felt it and looked over his shoulder at his hands, at him, then turned his face away but his hands took a hold of Jong’s fingers and pulled them to his shoulders. Jong squeezed them lightly.
It felt strange to Minho but in that moment he really longed to be touched, whether for comfort or to be indirectly told he, they, were all right, he didn’t know, all he knew was that he wanted a touch, of any kind.
“What are you thinking?” Jong asked.
“I don’t even know anymore.” Minho replied at length.
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing…?”
Minho didn’t answer and he stood motionless once again before he took a deep breath and turned to look at Jong in the eye.
“If you’re toying with any of our feelings, I don’t know what I am going to do to you.”
“I am not.” Jonghyun’s face hardened “And if you would be so kind as to come out of your shell, you’d see that too. Even Taemin knows I have feelings for you.” he said, the word ‘feelings’ having a hard time coming out from his lips as much as it struck Minho visibly to hear it “And if you have them for me, or at least think you could develop some, I think he doesn’t want them to come between us and if possible, to…you know…put them out there. That’s what I would like too.” he finished, giving up on the light squeeze he held on his shoulders. Minho looked away again and seemed like he was considering his words and Jong thought he was ready to be rejected, as long as everything went back to the way it had been four days ago because the thought of having the two of them break Taemin because of their own issues was something he did not want to think about.
The other man finally turned around, his fingers trailing a path over Jong’s bare chest, on to his jaw line and finally through his hair as he pulled him in a kiss. It started slow, lips touching lips, then tongues fighting over possession and it turned violent, teeth biting into the sensitive flesh, leaving behind tiny swollen bumps. They only stopped when they couldn’t breathe and Jong slightly pulled away, his eyes straying from Minho’s lips to his eyes then back again.
“You can stay if you want.” he whispered, his hand going through Minho’s hair, pulling his hair off from the loose tail, his fingers enjoying the newfound freedom of touching him like that.

2nd-Mar-2011 04:02 pm (UTC)

In SHINee?
...everyone with everyone!

I have no shame.
2nd-Mar-2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
I am not totally 2min shipper though ~ I am... Key/any Shinee member shipper XD But yeah, my first encounter with Shinee member love was in Dream team, the famous 2min hug. I have to admit that 2min was first and that means something to me :)
2nd-Mar-2011 09:41 pm (UTC)

I think I can say I like JongHo best because I am strange like that and I like strange couples but I am really willing to consider anyone in SHINee. And I like 2Min because there's something sweet about them but I can't put my finger on what exactly.
Maybe not Jong/Onew much but hell, I might even give that a try under the right circumstances! XDXD
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